Aakhri Sach Season 1 Review: Tamannaah’s Thriller Lacks the Required Edge

Aakhri Sach’s first season delves into a gripping narrative, loosely inspired by the haunting Burari incident, where 11 family members met a mysterious end. This saga of tragedy is navigated through the lens of Anya, an intrepid police officer portrayed by Tamannaah Bhatia.

While the series claims to be a fictional tale, it is evident that the foundational premise mirrors the infamous real-life event. The initial couple of episodes do promise an enthralling journey ahead, but the overall impact of the series when juxtaposed with other contemporary investigative thrillers, unfortunately, feels diluted. There are missed opportunities to elevate the tension, both within the law enforcement community and amidst the ill-fated family members, which could have catapulted the series to greater heights.

As the story unfolds, viewers are welcomed into the world of Anya, an astute police officer who’s seen battling the nuances of cybercrime. However, her professional trajectory takes a dark turn when she’s handed the chilling case of a family’s mass suicide. Dive deeper, and you uncover the layers of the Rajawat family, their ties to the police department, and a sequence of events that casts a shadow over their ultimate fate.

Yet, the pivot of the series, Tamannaah Bhatia’s portrayal of Anya, is a double-edged sword. Her intent to encapsulate a committed officer is evident, but her rendition seems to miss the emotional intricacy the role demanded. The depth and vulnerability integral to her character, akin to iconic roles in shows like “Delhi Crime” or “Grahan”, are conspicuously absent. However, a beacon of hope in the series comes in the form of Abhishek Banerjee, playing Bhuvan, whose performance is a masterclass in evoking genuine emotion. The series does find its grounding in the supporting cast, who imbue a sense of realism, capturing the essence of Old Delhi and Rajasthan, making the setting palpable.

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