Kangana & Shah Rukh: The Last Generation of Stars, Reveals Kangana at Times Now Summit 2024

Kangana Ranaut places herself and Shah Rukh Khan among the last generation of Bollywood stars, offering a poignant look at their careers and the evolving landscape of fame at the Times Now Summit 2024.

Kangana Ranaut, the illustrious Queen of Bollywood, has once again captured the limelight, not just for her cinematic ventures but for her audacious leap into the political fray as a BJP candidate from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Speaking at the Times Now Summit 2024 – India Unstoppable, Ranaut candidly expressed her views, likening herself and Shah Rukh Khan to the ‘last generation of stars’, highlighting the shifting dynamics of fame in the age of OTT platforms.

Ranaut’s foray into politics comes amidst a backdrop of controversy and critique, yet her resolve remains unshaken. The actor deftly navigates the conversation around her decision to enter the political arena, emphasizing that her move is not a result of her films’ performance but a step towards broader engagement with societal issues. Drawing parallels with Shah Rukh Khan, she pointed out the cyclical nature of success in Bollywood, where periods of lull are often followed by blockbuster hits, underscoring the perpetual demand for seasoned actors like herself.

Addressing the derogatory remarks made against her on social media by Congress leaders, Ranaut stood firm on her previous comments about Urmila Matondkar, sparking a debate on the perception of adult film stars in society. Her defense highlights a broader discourse on the nature of art and its various forms, advocating for a respect that transcends conventional moral judgments.

Ranaut’s candid remarks at the summit shed light on her vision of cinema as an art that elevates intellect over mere sensory stimulation. Her disdain for item numbers and her pride in a filmography that she believes offers more substance than that of her critics, sets the stage for her political journey. As she steps into the realm of politics, Kangana Ranaut remains a figure of controversy, conviction, and unparalleled talent, heralding a new chapter in her multifaceted career.

As Ranaut gears up for the upcoming release of Emergency, the industry and her supporters are keen to see whether this film marks another milestone in her illustrious career. With her transition into politics, Kangana Ranaut continues to defy expectations, embodying the spirit of a star who transcends the silver screen to impact the real world.

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