Gadar 2 Makes Cinematic History: Special Screening at New Parliament Building for Lok Sabha Members

“Gadar 2” is not just a cinematic spectacle, but a testament to Indian filmmaking prowess. The film’s roaring success is echoed by its jaw-dropping collection of Rs 419.10 crores just 14 days post-release. The overwhelming response from global audiences suggests that this epic movie has touched many hearts.

Taking the magnificence of “Gadar 2” even further, Zee Studios has orchestrated a distinctive accolade for the movie. In an unprecedented move, the film will be screened at the spanking new Parliament Building exclusively for the Lok Sabha members.

The inaugural screening commenced today at 11:00 a.m., with an agenda to run five shows daily over the next three days. This landmark event marks the very first time a movie has been presented to the Lok Sabha members – a feather in the cap for “Gadar 2” and its stellar team.

Behind this monumental movie stands the expertise of Director-Producer Anil Sharma, backed by the production prowess of Zee Studios. With the dynamic duo of Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel helming the lead roles, it’s no surprise that “Gadar 2” continues to attract audiences in droves at theaters near and far.

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