Director AS Ravikumar Choudhary’s Candid Comments on Gopichand and Teju

Director AS Ravikumar Choudhary, known for super hit films like Yagnam and Pilla Tu Lai Nai Biyan, recently opened up about his experiences and feelings towards actors Gopichand and Saidharam Tej. While he has delivered hits, there have also been films like Veerabhadra with Balakrishna that didn’t fare as well. A decade passed before Choudhary tasted success again after Yagnam.

Currently, Choudhary is busy with the film ‘Thiragabadara Sami’, starring Raj Tarun. During a promotional interview for the movie, he didn’t hold back his feelings. He expressed his disappointment with Gopichand, an actor who once delivered hits with him. Choudhary’s comments hinted at a sense of abandonment, suggesting that after achieving success, these actors became inaccessible.

He nostalgically recalled a time when everyone would sit together under a tree, sharing meals and stories. Now, he lamented, he has to navigate through multiple intermediaries just to meet these actors. Without naming Gopichand directly, Choudhary’s emotions were evident. He questioned the newfound arrogance in some actors, contrasting it with their humble beginnings. “Is he a hero? If he is a villain, I made him a hero,” Choudhary remarked, indicating his role in shaping their careers.

However, he also had words of praise for actors like Pawan Kalyan and Balakrishna, calling them the “real heroes” of the industry for their genuine nature.

On a positive note, Choudhary expressed his confidence in ‘Thiragabadara Sami’. He believes that the film will redefine Raj Tarun’s image as an action hero and is optimistic about its success.

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