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Sunny Deol’s Unexpected Struggle Post-‘Gadar’ Success

Despite the monumental success of ‘Gadar’, why was Sunny Deol searching for roles?

Sunny Deol's Unexpected Struggle Post-'Gadar' Success

The realm of Bollywood is filled with paradoxes, and Sunny Deol’s journey post the iconic ‘Gadar’ is a testament to that.

‘Gadar’, released in 2001, soared to unprecedented heights, notably competing with another blockbuster, ‘Lagaan’. Fast forward 22 years, its sequel shattered box office records, positioning itself as the third highest-grossing Hindi film ever, right behind ‘Baahubali 2’ and ‘Pathaan’.

However, contrary to the popular assumption that ‘Gadar’s success would’ve paved a golden path for Sunny, the reality was starkly different. Reflecting on his journey, Sunny candidly revealed in a recent interview that the release of ‘Gadar’ marked the commencement of his professional struggle.

He reminisced about a time pre-‘Gadar’ when work flowed seamlessly. However, post its release, roles became elusive. Sunny attributes this change to the transformation of the ‘Hindi film industry’ into the glitz and glam of ‘Bollywood’. As corporates stepped in, the cinematic landscape shifted, with decisions driven by quarterly calculations.

However, undeterred, Sunny found solace in collaborating with budding filmmakers whose passion resonated with him. Today, many of these filmmakers revel in Sunny’s success, a testament to the relationships he fostered during those challenging times. “I choose to speak about these times now because I’ve found happiness. It’s a time for letting go and celebrating the present,” he remarked.

On the horizon are sequels of his other celebrated movies – ‘Apne 2’ and ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 2’. While ‘YPD 2’ is still in search of a compelling script, ‘Apne 2’ promises a heartwarming tale. With his signature humor, Sunny quipped, “Actresses who once hesitated to play mother roles might now be more receptive.”

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