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Tollywood Star Heroine’s Manager Faces Backlash Over Attitude

Inside Talk: Tinsel Town’s Managers and the Importance of Humility

Tollywood Manager Attitude

From a modest start in an event management firm in Tollywood, this manager gradually climbed the ladder, first handling the schedules of Tier-3 actors, then Tier-2 stars, and eventually managing top-tier heroines. His career took a sharp turn when he started managing a renowned actress known for blockbusters across South Indian film industries. However, she soon let him go due to undisclosed reasons.

Today, he finds himself at the helm of affairs, managing the dates of one of Tollywood’s most sought-after actresses. Yet, rumblings from the industry suggest that he’s making waves for the wrong reasons. Many producers and directors lament that this manager, instead of addressing their concerns about date allocations or other related queries, is often dismissive, displaying an unprofessional attitude.

One incident that stirred the pot was when he reportedly gave a top producer a hard time over date requests for promotional activities. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, and industry insiders whisper that this kind of behavior might be his undoing. They speculate that his current client, the young starlet, might soon part ways with him if the trend continues.

Moreover, word on the street is that the manager’s focus seems misdirected. He’s allegedly more engrossed in choosing endorsement deals for her, sidelining the commitments to film projects that have already made substantial payments.

Seasoned managers in Tollywood have seamlessly managed the hectic schedules of stars for decades, their longevity attributed to their professionalism and humility. It’s a lesson many hope this manager will heed if he wishes to maintain a lasting presence in the industry.

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