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Sandalwood’s Shivanna Visits Nikhil Kumar’s Film Set in Bangalore

A Heartwarming Gesture After Shivanna’s US Tour

Sandalwood's Shivanna Visits Nikhil Kumar's Film Set in Bangalore
Image Credit: Instagram @nimmashivarajkumar and @nikhilgowda_jaguar

In a heartwarming event that has Sandalwood enthusiasts buzzing, the revered actor Shiva Rajkumar, popularly known as Shivanna, took everyone by surprise. Right after returning from his US tour, he made an unexpected stopover at actor and politician Nikhil Kumar’s film set in Bangalore.

The legendary Shivanna, with decades of contributions to Kannada cinema, has always been at the forefront of the industry. And despite his packed calendar, he made time to showcase his admiration and support for Nikhil Kumar. Nikhil, apart from being an established actor, is also a notable figure in the political landscape.

The buzz intensifies as Nikhil currently dives deep into various cinematic projects. One such venture is his collaboration with the renowned Lyca Productions. And it was on this film’s lively set that Shivanna chose to share a few moments of warmth.

In the company of his wife, Geeta Shivrajkumar, the duo didn’t just make a fleeting appearance. They mingled with the crew, indulged in enriching discussions with Nikhil, covering everything from the arts to politics and cherished memories. The bond, the mutual admiration, and the warm conversations between Shivanna and Nikhil are clear indicators of the strong rapport they share.

An interesting trivia from this visit was the location of the shoot. Positioned on the third floor of a classic Bangalore building, without the convenience of elevators, it posed a small challenge. But nothing could stop the spirited Shivanna and Geetakka from climbing those steps and meeting Nikhil with enthusiasm.

For long-time followers of the Kannada cinema sphere, the connection between the Raj and the Deve Gowda families isn’t new. This enduring bond saw Puneeth Rajkumar deeply respect Nikhil for his dual passion – cinema and politics. This recent gesture by Shivanna only strengthens the legacy of friendship and unity between these cinema stalwarts.

Shivanna’s unanticipated visit underlines the spirit of unity and brotherhood prevalent in Sandalwood. A tale of camaraderie, mutual respect, and sheer love for the art, it’s a chapter in Kannada cinema’s rich history that will be revisited fondly.

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