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Shaitan Webseries Review: A Glimpse into Naxalism and Survival

Decoding the Depths of Crime and Rebellion in Shaitan

Shaitan Webseries Review

Diving into the realm of crime and rebellion, director Mahi V Raghav presents “Shaitan.” The star-studded series with Rishi, Shelly, Ravi Kale, Deviyani, and Jaffer Sadiq is now available on Disney Plus Hotstar. Let’s delve into its narrative.

Story Overview:
Madanapalle serves as the backdrop where societal injustice, Naxalite agendas, and their confrontations with the Police emerge. Single mother Savitri (Shelly) sacrifices her dignity to sustain her children Baali (Rishi), Jayaprada (Deviyani), and Gumthi (Jaffer Sadiq). But when circumstances push Baali into criminality and subsequently into the Naxal movement, the tale takes a turn. The dynamics of Baali’s transformation and its implications on his family serve as the story’s heartbeat.

Review of Shaitan Webseries:
Mahi V Raghav’s “Shaitan” epitomizes its tagline, “You call it a crime, they call it survival.” The reasons behind Baali’s descent into the world of crime are poignantly portrayed.

Key Performances:

  • Rishi, showcasing his mettle as Baali, captures the essence of his multifaceted character.
  • Ravi Kale, in a meaty role, remains impressive throughout the series.
  • Supporting actors like Shelly, Deviyani, Jaffer Sadiq, and Kamakshi Bhaskarla uphold the narrative with their commendable acts.

The series adeptly sheds light on societal vices, from phony encounters to objectifying women. While the dialogues pack a punch, the Naxalite representation felt shallow. The rapid transformation of Baali into a key player within the Naxals, without detailing his journey, is a missed opportunity.

Technically, the series is a visual delight, thanks to cinematographer Shanmugha Sundaram. Sriram Madduri’s enthralling background score further elevates the viewing experience. Despite its quick pacing and concise episode lengths, the series occasionally delves into predictability.

Although Raghav’s realistic portrayal is commendable, the series lacks in-depth exploration of Naxalism, often becoming monotonous. An enhanced focus on the Naxal’s ideology could have added depth.

“Shaitan” mirrors the hard-hitting crime dramas, reminiscent of series like Mirzapur. While certain sections may find it redundant, for crime drama enthusiasts, it offers an engaging, if not entirely novel, experience.

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