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Samantha’s Chay Tattoo Stirs Buzz in Tollywood

Samantha’s Insta Still Shines with ‘Chay’ Ink

Tattoo Tales: Samantha Ruth Prabhu's 'Chay' Still Inks the Story
Image Credit: IG @samantharuthprabhuoffl

Tollywood’s darling, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, has once again stirred hearts with her latest Instagram buzz. In a surprise to her legion of fans, the ‘Chay’ tattoo makes a showy comeback, silencing the gossip mill that speculated its farewell.

The social media sleuths were quick to spot the much-talked-about tattoo as Samantha shared a series of snaps. Decked in a trendy crop top and cool blues, she had ‘Chay’—a sweet nod to her past with ex-beau Naga Chaitanya—peeking from under her sleeve. Her stylish shades may have shaded her eyes, but nothing could hide the infamous ink.



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The comment section below her post became a mini-theater of reactions. “She had the tattoo?” questioned an astonished follower, while another chimed in with a playful “Evadra remove chesindi annadu?” (who said she removed it?). The tattoo saga continued as more fans piped up, some with surprise, others with a knowing “Tattoo still exists.”

The whirlwind romance of Samantha and Chaitanya, culminating in a fairy-tale wedding in 2017, took a turn for the somber as 2021 saw them parting ways. Chaitanya’s rumored new beginnings with Sobhita Dhulipala added fuel to the fire, but the embers of old flames flickered when Chaitanya shared a glimpse of their shared pet, Hash, pulling at the heartstrings of hope for a possible patch-up.

However, whisperers close to the duo quell such rumors, stating that their lives have veered onto separate paths. The shared love for their pooch, Hash, has them bound in a unique co-parenting arrangement. “They’re co-parenting the pet dog,” shared a source, dismissing any inklings of a rekindled romance.

The duo’s saga, from shared love to individual journeys, is a narrative woven into the fabric of Tollywood gossip. Yet, Samantha’s tattoo stands as a testament to memories inked in permanence, if not in partnership. As the stars align for Samantha on new horizons, the ‘Chay’ tattoo remains a poignant reminder that some stories, though concluded, are far from being erased.

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