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Salman Khan’s Bold Box Office Goal: ₹1000 Crore

The New Benchmark for Bollywood Success?

Tiger Ka Message Poster

Salman Khan, a big name in Bollywood, has some new thoughts on movie success. Recently, at an event, he chatted about the famous ₹100 crore club. For many movies, reaching ₹100 crore at the box office has been a huge win. But Salman thinks that’s old news. Now, he says, movies should aim for ₹1000 crore to really stand out. He shared this during the launch of a new Punjabi movie, Maujaan Hi Maujaan, featuring Gippy Grewal.

There’s another exciting thing. Salman has a new movie coming out. It’s named after his character, Tiger. The teaser, called “Tiger Ka Message,” came out on September 27, and fans are thrilled. The movie is set to be a big Diwali release in 2023. It’s interesting because, usually, Shah Rukh Khan, another Bollywood superstar, has movies coming out on Diwali. But this time, it’s Salman’s turn.

Speaking of Shah Rukh Khan, there’s talk that he might appear in Salman’s new movie, Tiger 3. It’s part of a plan by Yash Raj Films, a big movie company.

But not all Salman Khan movies have been hits recently. Films like Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan and Radhe didn’t do so well. Yet, fans are hopeful. Many loved the teaser for Tiger 3. Some think it might even reach the ₹1000 crore Salman was talking about.

On social media, fans shared many thoughts. Some loved the teaser and called it the best one ever. Others are curious about a “father-son” story hinted in the movie. They wonder what Salman will do with that idea.

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