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Rani-The Real Story Film Review: Climaxahh’s Take on Shankar Ramakrishnan’s Drama

Does this women-centric drama hit its mark?

Rani-The Real Story Film Review

Greetings, dear readers! Once again, Climaxahh brings to you a fresh film review. Today, we plunge into the murky waters of Malayalam cinema’s newest offering, Rani-The Real Story. Revenge sagas, especially in Malayalam cinema, have often regaled audiences, but Rani-The Real Story promises a unique flavor – with women leading its tale.

Our story is rooted in Dharmapuram, where the murder of the influential politician, Dharmarajan, becomes the talk of the town. As the layers peel off, we’re introduced to Bhasi, our detective for the day played by the versatile Indrans. Through a maze of flashbacks, Bhasi navigates the audience through the interwoven lives of several women, each deeply connected to the deceased Dharmarajan.

Shankar Ramakrishnan aims high, aspiring to weave a captivating, women-centric thriller. However, while ambition is apparent, the execution sometimes falls short. Some dialogues, while meant to enhance, end up complicating the storyline. Scene transitions can leave one puzzled, and the climax, while intended to be a grand finale, feels rather forced.

But not all is lost. The musical notes composed by Mena Melath are commendable, and the visual storytelling by Vinayak Gopal stands out.

The performances are a mixed bag. Niyathi Kadambi as Rani delivers a memorable act, while veterans like Indrans add weight. Some characters, however, deserved more depth.

In conclusion, Rani-The Real Story Film Review by Climaxahh appreciates the film’s genuine attempt but feels it could’ve been done with a tighter script and better narrative focus.

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