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Rangoli Tamil Movie Review: A Slice-of-Life Drama About Education and Family Ties

Vaali Mohan Das Presents A Tale Rooted in Real-Life Struggles

Rangoli Tamil Movie Review

Rangoli: Where Reality Meets the Silver Screen
Rating: A Heartfelt Watch
Genre: Family Drama
Duration: 2 hours 9 minutes

Main Cast:
Hamaresh Satish, Prarthana Sandeep, Saishri Prabhakaran, Akshaya Hariharan, Aadukalam Murugadoss

Production Team:
Directed by Vaali Mohan Das Murugan
Produced by K Babu Reddy & G Satish Kumar
Music: Sundaramurthy Kumar

In “Rangoli,” Vaali Mohan Das narrates a story that resonates deeply with the challenges faced by many families. This tale revolves around Sathya, a promising student from a modest background, and his journey in a prestigious private school.

Plot Synopsis:
Sathya, an academic standout in his government school, becomes the center of his parents’ aspirations. Gandhi, a hardworking dhobi, and his wife, Kaliamma, decide to enroll Sathya in a private school, banking on loans and relentless toil. As Sathya grapples with fitting into his new environment and the weight of his family’s sacrifices, the story unfolds.

Highlighting the Real:
“Rangoli” begins modestly, but as the plot unfolds, its depth becomes evident. Director Vaali Mohan Das captures the struggles and dreams of a typical lower-income family with sincerity. This film shatters the stereotype of young boys being reckless, instead spotlighting the determination and focus of such individuals. By the end, the movie drives home the significance of education and familial ties, making it both relatable and endearing.

Standout Performances:

  • Hamaresh, previously recognized for child roles, solidifies his leading presence in this film.
  • Prarthana Sandeep, portraying Sathya’s love interest Parvathy, brings freshness to the screen.
  • Aadukalam Murugadoss, as the determined father Gandhi, delivers a masterclass in acting, encapsulating the struggles of countless fathers out there.
  • Saishri Prabhakaran and Akshaya, playing the roles of Sathya’s mother and sister respectively, complement the story with strong performances.

While “Rangoli” has numerous strengths, it’s not devoid of flaws. Some casting choices, especially in portraying the teachers, seem amiss, making certain portions of the story less believable. Additionally, the slow initial pacing might deter some viewers.

Final Thoughts:
Despite its setbacks, “Rangoli” offers heartfelt moments that make it worthwhile. It’s an earnest portrayal of a family’s hopes and the pressures of societal expectations.

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