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Raja Marthanda Review: Chiranjeevi Sarja’s Regal Swansong

Revenge, Royalty, and Ranjana of a Warrior’s Tale

Raja Marthanda Chiranjeevi Sarja Kannada Review

Gather around, Snehitare! Kannada cinema has just rolled out its royal red carpet with Raja Marthanda. Celebrating Chiranjeevi Sarja’s majestic journey, this Chitrada marvel is Jakkas! Steering the ship is Ram Narayan, giving life to a tale of grit, gumption, and Geluvu (victory).

Our Veera, Raja, captures the screen with a presence that’s both enigmatic and endearing. Enter Geetha, a curious soul, brilliantly brought to life by Deepti Sati. As she tries to unravel the layers of Raja’s mysterious demeanor, we’re treated to an adventure like none other. And mind you, this isn’t just any Katha; it’s a ride of revenge and royalty.

Each revelation is like the rhythm of a Dappu, perfectly timed and profound. While the soul of Raja Marthanda beats with familiar tales of vengeance, its heart pumps with a unique charm that’s pure Kannada.

Visually, it’s a Habba! Every frame sings songs of Kannada’s beauty. And Chiranjeevi Sarja? Ah, he’s the Nakshatra of the film, shining the brightest. Swalpa adjustments in dialogues could’ve added more spice, but hey, that’s just being nitpicky!

Supporting cast? Top class! With each character adding their unique flavor, you’ll leave with a taste that lingers, just like that delicious plate of Bisi Bele Bath!

Climaxahh’s Rating: ⭐⭐⭐½ | 3.5/5.

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