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Rahul Rajasekharan’s Birthday: Kalyani Priyadarshan’s Unique Wish

Fitness Goals and Birthday Drama with ‘Varane Avashyamund’ Stars

Rajasekharan’s Birthday: Kalyani Priyadarshan's Unique Wish
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Rahul Rajasekharan, the model-turned-actor with an undeniable passion for fitness, celebrated another trip around the sun on September 5th. Two days later, the air is still filled with birthday cheer, particularly from his ‘Varane Avashyamund’ co-star, Kalyani Priyadarshan. But this isn’t your everyday birthday wish; it’s uniquely Kalyani!

Rahul isn’t just a colleague to Kalyani; he’s a fitness coach, a partner in the gym, and a close friend. He’s the voice that pushes her to go that extra mile, even on the days she might rather not. While Kalyani adores the fitness outcomes, the journey is evidently quite the challenge.

In a playful jab and a nod to their unique dynamic, Kalyani quipped, “Happy Birthday to a person I can’t go one day without cursing at.” She didn’t stop there. With a blend of jest and genuine desire, she continued, “May this year be filled with more drama and less travel. And here’s hoping this is the year you finally help me achieve those abs. Honestly, this might be the most self-centered birthday wish I’ve ever made.”

Rahul Rajasekharan Birthday Wish
Image credit: Instagram

Quick on the draw, the birthday boy responded with his trademark humor, “Perhaps today could be the day you don’t curse? Your gift to me. As for the abs? Challenge accepted. Thank you.”

On a side note, for those curious about Rahul’s commitment to fitness, he’s not all about the external aesthetics. In 2021, he shared insights into his regimen. His approach is holistic, starting his day with warm water and lemon, followed by a fruit-packed breakfast. He champions clean eating, distancing himself from sugars and processed foods, and ensures there’s a 12-hour gap between his two main meals, breakfast and dinner. Whether it’s hitting the gym, indulging in sports like basketball, or just enjoying a swim, Rahul firmly believes fitness is a reflection of overall health, not just muscle definition.

The camaraderie between Rahul and Kalyani is evident, and it’s these lighthearted exchanges that make their bond so endearing to fans. Cheers to more drama, fitness goals, and those sought-after abs in the coming year!

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