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Priyamani Claps Back at Critics While Celebrating Jawan’s Massive Success

Jawan Star’s Strong Message on Body Positivity and Embracing Oneself!

Priyamani Addresses Trolls
Image Credit: Instagram @pillumani

Fresh off the smashing success of her film Jawan, which stars none other than Shah Rukh Khan and is rapidly approaching the Rs 1000-crore benchmark, Priyamani finds herself in the spotlight for all the right reasons. This triumphant moment, however, isn’t devoid of shadows. The actress, despite being flooded with commendations, is simultaneously dodging darts of criticism regarding her appearance and weight.



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Trolling is not new for Priyamani. Some take aim at her for body shaming, while others criticize her skin tone or the roles she chooses. When a critic recently labeled her as “aunty”, Priyamani, not one to be silenced, responded assertively, highlighting her age and confidence: I’m 38 years old, and I radiate heat, so it’s best to hold your peace.

In her conversation with Bollywood Bubble, she delved deeper into her experiences with online bullying. She expressed her frustration over the incessant critique she receives for stepping out without makeup. In her candid revelation, she confronted these critiques head-on, asserting that she feels no need to change for the whims of the online world. She’s comfortable in her skin, and that’s what matters most.

Moreover, post her engagement to Mustafa Raj, social media was abuzz, not with congratulatory messages but with questions regarding her choice to marry outside her faith. Priyamani was quick to address these reactions, underlining that her personal decisions are just that – personal.

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