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Lakshmi Manchu’s Exciting Move to Mumbai: New Beginnings Await!

From Tollywood to Bollywood: Lakshmi’s New Adventure

Lakshmi Manchu Mumbai Move
Image Credit: IG @lakshmimanchu

Hold onto your seats folks, because Lakshmi Manchu is making waves with her latest move! Our favorite Tollywood dynamo, who’s been ruling hearts with her acting chops and candid talk shows, is now setting her sights on Mumbai, the dazzling epicenter of Bollywood.

Dropping hints on X, Lakshmi shared her excitement, saying, “New City, New Era.” It’s clear that she’s pumped and ready for this new chapter in her life. During a breezy chat, she revealed her approach towards life. “You gotta fly and find what’s there for you,” she expressed, emphasizing that waiting for opportunities wasn’t her style.


Lakshmi spilled the beans on how she tactfully broke the news to her family about her move. While the idea of LA got her mom’s eyebrows raised, Mumbai seemed a softer landing. Yet, the change isn’t without challenges. For Lakshmi, leaving behind the support system of Hyderabad, where family is just a call away, will be a new journey. But as she puts it, “What is life without challenges?”

What’s super endearing is her daughter’s school adventures in Mumbai, and how both of them are soaking up the experiences. Although Lakshmi had been juggling between Hyderabad and Mumbai for a while, she felt it was the right time to let everyone know about her new base.

For those in the loop, Lakshmi Manchu isn’t just any artist. She’s a powerhouse – an actor, producer, talk show host, and philanthropist. Now, in Mumbai, she’s ready to explore diverse roles across films and web series. And hey, with pals like Rakul Preet Singh and Rhea Chakraborty, her Mumbai diaries are bound to be entertaining!

Our buzzing birdies tell us that Lakshmi is all geared up for her next film, ‘Agni Nakshatram,’ a film that’s already generating a lot of buzz.

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