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“Kick” Review: Santhanam’s Latest Film Faces Mixed Reactions

Netizens share their thoughts on the Santhanam starrer “Kick”

Kick Review Santhanam's Latest Film Faces Mixed Reactions

Santhanam’s “Kick” Releases to Mixed Reviews from Fans and Critics
Rating: Mixed Bag
Genre: Comedy-Drama
Release Date: September 1

After basking in the success of the horror-comedy ‘DD Returns’ which grossed nearly Rs 30 crore, Santhanam returned to the big screen with ‘Kick’. With fans eager to catch the film on its release day, a flurry of opinions surfaced on social media shortly after its premiere.

General Reception:
A certain section of Santhanam’s fanbase, known for finding merits even in his less acclaimed works, struggled to pinpoint positive aspects in ‘Kick’. They labeled the film as lacking redeeming qualities and termed it a considerable drain of time and resources. Many fans shared a similar sentiment, expressing disappointment in the recent release. However, a small portion of viewers commended the comedy sequences, offering a slightly more favorable take.

Film Synopsis and Crew:
Helmed by Prashanth Raj, ‘Kick’ initially had a release planned earlier this year but faced delays before its eventual release on September 1. This comedy-drama pairs Santhanam alongside Tanya Hope as leads. It also features a talented supporting cast including Brahmanandam, Thambi Ramaiah, and Mansoor Ali Khan. The film’s musical notes were crafted by Arjun Janya, who, according to some, was the standout performer in the crew.

Box Office Expectations:
Despite the lukewarm reception on social media, the true test for ‘Kick’ lies in its box office performance over the coming days.

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