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Kasargold Review: Suvarna Crime in God’s Own Country Illuminated by Asif Ali’s Swag

Mridul Nair’s Kavi (Craft) Shines in this Suvarna (Gold) Smuggling Tale

Kasargold Review: Suvarna Crime in God’s Own Country Illuminated by Asif Ali's Swag

With a backdrop as rich as the Malabar Coast, Kasargold dives into the Suvarna trade, unraveling the shadows lurking behind Kerala’s glittering gold business, especially within the realms of Kasargod and Malabar.

Kasargold isn’t just a film; it’s a reflection of the real-life Suvarna (gold) smuggling incidents, with most trails leading back to the Northern Kerala airports, originating from the Gulf.

However, beneath the golden sheen lies a tapestry of revenge, deceit, and drama, elements that elevate this Asif Ali starrer. His second innings with director Mridul Nair post their B.Tech (2018) saga promises a mix of thrill and drama.

Varnam (Synopsis)

Alby (Asif Ali) and Nancy’s (Malavika Sreenath) arrival at a Kerala airport sets the pace, as they grapple with lost gold smuggled from the Gulf. Alby, with his comrade Faisal (Sunny Wayne), aims to snatch the Suvarna from its very den – the airport. But in this risky game of Suvarna, Moosa (Siddique) and Firoz (Ratheesh Poduval) pull the puppet strings.

As the golden sands of Kasargod blend with the vibrant Goa, the narrative unfolds with layered intricacies. From folk tales of treacherous friendships to the unexpected twists in Alby and Faisal’s journey, the story offers more than mere glitter. Mridul Nair’s pen delves into humanity’s core, challenging the belief that opportunism defines us.

Kasargold also casts a critical eye on political vendettas, with two Thalassery brothers’ assassination becoming pivotal. The arrival of four political goons (disguised as Goa’s tourists), targeting Alby and Faisal, amplifies the suspense, leading to an adrenaline-charged climax.

Kala (Technique)

Kasargold’s visual allure lies in the stunning landscapes of Goa, Jose Giri, Payyanur, and Kasargod. Jebin Jacob’s lens masterfully captures every nuance, while the bar song and intense chase sequences offer cinematic pleasure. Despite its occasional pace hiccups, the film remains technically commendable.

Natyam (Performances)

Kasargold showcases stellar performances. Asif Ali’s Tharikida (swag) is noteworthy, and Sunny Wayne delivers convincingly. Vinayakan’s portrayal of Officer Alex Joseph is commendable, though fans might yearn for the magic from his Jailer (2023) act.

Siddique and PP Kunhikrishnan depict the political-gold nexus adeptly, while Ratheesh Poduval and Malavika Sreenath leave a mark with their roles.

Climaxahh’s Samvidhanam (Verdict)

Drawing inspiration from Kerala’s real Suvarna smuggling sagas, Kasargold combines gripping action with Asif Ali’s undeniable charm, making it an Asaadhaaranamaaya (extraordinary) watch.

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