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Rajinikanth’s High Praise Elevates Jigarthanda Double X in Tamil Cinema

Karthik Subbaraj’s Period Action Comedy Captivates the Superstar

Rajinikanth's High Praise Elevates Jigarthanda Double X in Tamil Cinema

Rajinikanth’s recent acclaim for Jigarthanda Double X has sent ripples of excitement through Tamil cinema. The legendary actor likened the film to the Kurunji flower, a rare and enchanting species that blooms once every twelve years in the Western Ghats. This significant endorsement from one of the industry’s most iconic figures highlights the film’s exceptional narrative and cinematic quality.

Jigarthanda Double X, directed by the talented Karthik Subbaraj, is a period action comedy that transports audiences back to the 1970s. The film intertwines the lives of a notorious elephant poacher, Shettani, and the relentless police efforts to capture him. The narrative takes a compelling turn as a filmmaker and a gangster collaborate to create a pan-Indian Tamil film, echoing the style of Clint Eastwood.

The ensemble cast, including Raghava Lawrence as the gangster Alliyus “Alliyan” Caesar and S.J. Suryah as the ex-cop and ex-convict Kirubakaran “Kiruban”/Ray Dasan, delivers stellar performances. Their portrayal adds depth and intrigue to the film’s complex characters and storyline.

Rajinikanth’s detailed review of Jigarthanda Double X praises its groundbreaking plot, remarkable performances, and the grand scale of production. The superstar’s words have not only boosted the film’s profile but have also affirmed the creative risks and innovations introduced by Subbaraj.


The responses from the film’s team to Rajinikanth’s praise were heartfelt. Director Karthik Subbaraj expressed his gratitude, while Raghava Lawrence equated the superstar’s appreciation to the film’s success. SJ Suryah, too, shared his joy and gratitude for the superstar’s compliments.

Jigarthanda Double X has garnered positive reviews from both critics and audiences, securing its place as a significant and influential work in Tamil cinema. The film’s engaging storyline and strong performances, coupled with Rajinikanth’s endorsement, highlight its importance as a cinematic achievement.

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