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Into the Abyss: Faria Abdullah’s Deep Dive for ‘The Jengaburu Curse

Actress Faria Abdullah Recounts the Challenges of Shooting 500 Feet Below Ground

Faria Abdullah The Jengaburu Curse Mine Scenes

With ‘The Jengaburu Curse’ now streaming on Sony LIV, actress Faria Abdullah sheds light on the extraordinary lengths the team undertook to ensure unparalleled authenticity. Venturing 500 feet deep into real mines, equipped with helmets and boots, they captured some of the series’ most riveting scenes.

Speaking about the unique challenges they faced, Faria, who embodies the character Priyambada Das, remarked, “Our commitment to realism was unwavering, be it filming at an airport, amidst the hustle and bustle of a market, or the eerie depths of a mine. I vividly remember our shoot in a teeming market, with the crew diligently directing the crowd to avoid the camera’s gaze. However, the pinnacle of our experience was undoubtedly the filming within the mines.”

She elaborated, “The descent into the mine was a journey in itself. As we delved deeper, we felt the oxygen levels dwindling, instilling a sense of trepidation. Yet, the entire experience was nothing short of surreal.”

Produced by Studio Next, ‘The Jengaburu Curse’ is the vision of director Nila Madhab Panda. The narrative, crafted by Mayank Tewari, is complemented by Paulo Perez’s cinematography, ensuring a visual spectacle. The series’ soundscape, curated by Alokananda Dasgupta and Durga Prasad Mohapatra, adds another layer of depth, while Jabeen Merchant’s editing ensures a seamless flow. Joining Faria Abdullah in the cast are talents like Nasser, Makarand Deshpande, Sudev Nair, Deipak Sampat, and Hitesh Dave.

For those who haven’t yet embarked on this thrilling journey, ‘The Jengaburu Curse’ is available for streaming on Sony LIV.

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