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Director Anil Sharma on Ameesha Patel’s Performance in Gadar 2: Talented but Temperamental.

Despite Gadar 2’s blockbuster success, Director Anil Sharma opens up about his rocky relationship with Ameesha Patel and her “attitude” on set.

Director Anil Sharma on Ameesha Patel's Performance in Gadar 2: Talented but Temperamental.
Image credit: Instagram @ameeshapatel

Renowned director Anil Sharma, riding the waves of success with his blockbuster hit, Gadar 2, recently spoke candidly about his rapport with the film’s lead actress, Ameesha Patel.

While Gadar 2 continues its triumphant run at the box office, whispers around Ameesha Patel’s attitude and alleged tantrums have kept the grapevine buzzing. Prior to the movie’s release, Ameesha created a stir by voicing her discontent over her pay and the challenging work environment.

Anil Sharma's Views on Ameesha Patel
Image credit: Instagram @ameeshapatel

Anil Sharma, during a tête-à-tête with Bollywood Hungama, didn’t hold back in sharing his perspective. He believed that while Ameesha might not be the strongest actress, she perfectly embodied the character Shakeena, particularly due to her affluent upbringing. “She had the persona of someone from an influential family, and that fit the role”, he remarked.

Despite her acting limitations, Sharma invested heavily in Ameesha, training her intensively for six months to help her truly become Shakeena on screen. While discussing their interactions, Sharma noted, “Occasional disagreements happened, but everything sorted out.” He humorously commented on Ameesha’s ‘high-born’ nature, suggesting that this might have contributed to her occasional haughtiness.

Sharma went on to add, “Being from an affluent family, sometimes they can be a bit headstrong. But she’s fundamentally a good person.” In his eyes, while Ameesha might wear her wealth and lineage with a certain pride, underneath lies a kind-hearted soul.

The release of Gadar 2 saw Sunny Deol reprise his iconic role as Tara Singh and is on its path to shattering box office records.

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