Climaxahh Reviews: Is “Demon” a Tamil Horror Triumph?

Climaxahh unpacks the eerie thrills and chills of Demon, directed by Ramesh Pazhaniivel. Does it live up to the horror hype?

Climaxahh Demon Tamil Review

Step right up, horror enthusiasts! Climaxahh is back, plunging into the eerie depths of the Tamil horror, Demon.

Ramesh Pazhaniivel tries to terrify us with a fresh twist in the oversaturated horror genre. However, despite the promising plot, the story struggles to frighten its audience. The pacing is notably slow, with the actual excitement not kicking in until the second act.

Now, a glimpse of what awaits: Synopsis: Young filmmaker, Vignesh Shivan (played by Sachin), is on cloud nine, ready to debut his directorial venture – a horror tale. But as he settles into a new apartment to spur his creativity, unsettling nightmares begin, hinting at the apartment’s dark past and its ill-fated former residents.

Demon kicks off at a snail’s pace, bogged down by a romantic subplot that feels more distracting than endearing. Thankfully, the narrative gathers steam in the latter half, but its credibility is often punctured by glaring plot holes.

Why would one willingly stay in an apartment swamped with malevolent vibes? Why keep the terrifying experiences secret from loved ones? The audience is left pondering such questions as the climax unfolds.

On the performance front, the cast tries their best. Sachin shines brightest during the horror segments, while Abarnathi’s role is commendable but suffers due to the lack of on-screen chemistry with her counterpart. Not to forget, “Kumki” Ashvin stands out as a supportive friend.

The eerie aura of Demon owes much to Ronnie Raphael’s haunting music and RS Anandakumar’s gripping visuals.

Climaxahh’s Verdict: Unfortunately, this Demon isn’t the spine-chiller we were hoping for.

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