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Darshan Lights Up Garadi Amidst Personal Legal Woes

Darshan’s Special Role in Garadi as He Faces New Challenge

Darshan Thoogudeepa Faces FIR for Alleged Dog Attack
Image Credit: IG @darshanthoogudeepashrinivas

Kannada cinema’s horizon shines bright as Garadi, directed by the gifted Yogaraj Bhat, locks in its release date for a November 10 debut. The film, a vibrant portrayal of the traditional sport of kusthi, stars the energetic Yashas Surya and is presented by Kourava Production House with Vanaja Patil at the production helm.

The buzz is not just about the film’s release. Kannada superstar Darshan, fondly known as the Challenging Star, is set to appear in a cameo that is much anticipated by his fans. However, the star is currently navigating through a legal turmoil, a stark contrast to the valiant characters he’s celebrated for on screen.

Darshan, who has delivered hits like Brindavana, has been booked under a charge of negligence following an unsettling incident involving a dog attack near his residence. This has led to a surge in conversations among his fans and the wider audience, who follow his every move with keen interest.

Despite the legal shadow cast upon him, the excitement around his role in Garadi remains undiminished. The film promises to showcase the rustic charm of kusthi, featuring the vibrant Sonal Monteiro and the talented P Ravishankar, with Suresh Urs weaving his editing magic and V Harikrishna setting the tone with his melodies.

While Darshan deals with his off-screen challenges, his on-screen charisma continues to fuel the enthusiasm for Garadi. The film stands as a testament to the cultural tapestry of Karnataka and is all set to enthral the fans who eagerly await to see their hero in a different avatar.

Additionally, the film fraternity is abuzz with Yogaraj Bhat’s other big project, Karataka Damanaka, starring the iconic Shivarajkumar and the multifaceted Prabhudeva, promising more cinematic gems for the Kannada audience.

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