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Controversy Erupts: Instagram Takes Down Actor Kishore’s Chandrayaan-3 Post

Actor Kishore faces backlash and Instagram action after criticizing PM Modi in relation to Chandrayaan-3’s success. Discover the controversy and Kishore’s response.

Controversy Erupts Instagram Takes Down Actor Kishore's Chandrayaan-3 Post

Renowned actor Kishore recently stirred controversy in the Indian film circle with a post related to Chandrayaan-3 on Instagram. Kishore expressed concern that PM Modi is overshadowing the scientists’ hard work by associating the satellite’s success too closely with himself.

The actor went on to state in his now-deleted post, “The Prime Minister, as ubiquitous on screens as in politics, should avoid using the nation’s achievements for personal gain.” He hinted at a lack of sensitivity in leveraging such accomplishments amidst the nation’s ongoing challenges.

However, Instagram decided to remove Kishore’s post, citing it as “ADULT SEXUAL EXPLOITATION” and mentioning repeated violations. This sparked an even stronger response from the actor, who subtly fired back saying, “With Modi at the helm, anything’s possible.”

In a follow-up post, Kishore alluded to regional and national issues, questioning the consistent application of Instagram’s content rules. “If only Instagram’s policies worked as effectively on real-world issues plaguing regions like Kashmir, Manipur, and Lakhimpur Kheer, as they do online,” he mused.

He further commented, “Despite the hate some spread, grateful for the supporters who appreciate genuine cinema over hate propaganda.” Kishore then conveyed his overarching sentiment: “Beyond posts and politics, the essence lies in whether we uphold our nation’s vision of unity, peace, and equality as dreamt by luminaries like Gandhi and Ambedkar.”

Delving into the contents of his original post, Kishore celebrated India’s achievement with Chandrayaan-3, but juxtaposed this pride with the disturbing imagery of socio-political issues affecting various communities within the nation. The actor emphasized the irony of celebrating national achievements when certain sections of society still face grave injustices.

Closing his commentary, Kishore reiterated, “The focus should be on the scientists’ tireless efforts, not on political opportunism. The success of Chandrayaan isn’t just one individual’s victory.”

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