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Ulakammai Movie Review: Ilayaraja’s Musical Genius Shines Through

A Dive into Tamil Cinema’s Village Life with Gauri Kishan

Ulakammai Tamil Movie Review

Diving into the Soulful Sounds of Ulakammai

If you ever wonder about the transformative power of background music in film, look no further than the works of the maestro Ilayaraja. His soundtracks can elevate any movie, and “Ulakammai” is no exception. Directed by Vijayaprakash, this film offers more than just melodic harmony.

Tales from the Tree

The narrative centers on Mayandi, a palm tree climber who meets with a tragic accident that leaves him paralyzed. With mounting medical bills, he borrows money from the influential Marimuthu. Mayandi’s life intertwines with his daughter Ulagamai, played by Gauri Kishan, who battles land disputes and romantic entanglements against the backdrop of caste tensions.

Vijayaprakash paints a portrait of village life in the sixties. The atmosphere, devoid of contemporary markers, evokes a nostalgic charm, albeit with its share of societal issues.

Acting Ensemble

While Gauri Kishan’s portrayal of Ulagamai is praiseworthy, there are moments when her character’s authenticity slips. For instance, a neatly ironed saree seems out of place in the rugged terrains of the fields she works in.

The late Marimuthu, playing a character with his namesake, is commendable, though some of his character’s depth is lost. Other cast members like GM Sundar, Arulmani, and James leave a lasting impact. However, Jayaprakash’s portrayal of Mayandi truly stands out, reflecting the essence of a dedicated father.

Technical Prowess

KV Mani’s cinematography is visually delightful. Scenes come alive with the authentic representation of village life from the Tirunelveli region. Suresh Ars’s work complements the narrative, though some shots can be jarring.

The Heartbeat of Ulakammai – Ilayaraja

The soul of “Ulakammai” is undeniably Ilayaraja’s music. He stands tall as the film’s unwavering pillar. His background scores breathe life into the narrative, ensuring the tale resonates with viewers. Recognizing his genius, the team released the background scores separately, a testament to its significance.

“Ulakammai” presents a tale of caste-based discrimination, focusing on the trials and tribulations of Ulagamai and her father. While the storyline may polarize viewers, the film remains a treat for fans of Ilayaraja’s mesmerizing compositions.

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