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Chandramukhi 2 Review: Does the Sequel Shine or Stumble?

A haunting return: Kangana and Lawrence light up the screen, but is it enough?

Chandramukhi 2 Review

The Return of Chandramukhi

More than a decade after the success of Chandramukhi, we’re back in the ghostly corridors of Vettaiya’s palace with Chandramukhi 2. The anticipation is high, but does it deliver?

Twists and Haunts

Radhika Sarathkumar’s family lands near Vettaiya’s palace hoping for blessings, but there’s an unwelcome guest: Chandramukhi’s spirit. As they peel back layers of mystery, danger creeps closer.

The Bright Spots

Kangana Ranaut is magnetic as Chandramukhi, bringing every scene to life. Lawrence is a force to reckon with, especially in a nail-biting action sequence. Their combined intensity is a treat.

Missed Beats

For a horror flick, Chandramukhi 2 stumbles with a dearth of scares. The comedy, a highlight in the original, seems misplaced here. Vadivelu’s humor feels rehearsed, diluting the eerie vibe.

Behind the Scenes

While the music sets a haunting ambiance, the storyline needed tighter editing and more suspense. The director had a golden chance to elevate the horror, but it’s surprisingly toned down.

The Climaxahh Verdict

Chandramukhi 2 may have its moments of brilliance thanks to Kangana and Lawrence, but it doesn’t fully capture the essence of what made the original a legend. The film is dragged down by patchy comedy, a slackened pace, and an understated horror element. While we commend the effort and a few sparkling performances, it lacks the consistent thrill and fear factor we craved.

For not living up to the gold standard of its predecessor and missing the mark in key horror elements, we feel compelled to give Chandramukhi 2 a rating of 1.5 Stars.

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