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Chaaver: A Deep Dive into Kannur’s Heartbeat

Boban’s Thrilling Tryst with Kannur’s Politics

Chaaver Kannur Film Review 2023

Drench yourself in the magnetic allure of Kannur’s throbbing political veins with Chaaver. This is not just another movie; it’s a reflection of the fiery spirit of Kannur. At its core, we witness the dance of theyyam, an age-old ritual, meeting the hard-hitting realities of political clashes.

Enter Ashokan, brought to life by the ever-charming Kunchacko Boban. Leading a team on a mission shadowed with political intent, a twist of fate lands them at the doorstep of an unsuspecting medical student. From there, it’s a gripping ride of challenges, introspection, and facing cold truths. We’re nudged to realize the grim reality – aren’t we all mere pieces in a giant game played by political puppeteers?

The storytelling sizzles with whispers and shouts about political affiliations, expertly crafted by Joy Mathew. While his intent shines, the journey sometimes feels like a path previously treaded. Some dialogues, though fiery, miss the authentic zing of Kannur’s lingo.

Yet, when we talk about the visuals, oh boy, Chaaver is a treat! Pappachan weaves magic with the lens, painting scenes that linger. The opening acts are a crescendo of excitement, although the latter half steps into murkier, generic waters. But here’s a heads-up: brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping gunfight sequence, even if it stretches a tad too long!

While Boban takes the cake with his portrayal, Antony Varghese, though in a smaller role, leaves a mark. Yet, the climax yearns for a tighter embrace, one that would stick with us long after.

Fans of Kerala’s iconic director Lijo Jose Pellissery might feel a hint of nostalgia. There’s a pinch of the familiar, wrapped in layers of Pappachan’s unique touch.

To wrap it up, Chaaver is a roller-coaster. It promises, delivers, and falters a bit, but ensures you leave with a piece of Kannur’s heart.

Climaxahh’s Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ | 3/5

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