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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7: A Rollercoaster First Week!

Dramas, Pranks, and Revelations: Unpacking the Highlights of Week One

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7: A Rollercoaster First Week!
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Bigg Boss Telugu’s Seventh Season: Week One In Review

The highly-anticipated seventh season of Bigg Boss Telugu blasted off, promising viewers riveting dramas and unique character dynamics. Let’s dive deep into the events of the week.

Day 1: The grand launch left audiences craving an engaging nominations episode, but things didn’t pan out as expected. While only two contestants got the chance to voice their nomination choices, unexpected screen time allocations surprised many. Pallavi Prashanth, Rathika Rose, and Gautham Krishna began making waves, with Rathika and Prashanth charming fans early on. Others, like Kiran Rathore, Subhashree, and Prince, have yet to catch the limelight.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 2
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Bigg Boss Telugu Day 2
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Day 2: Nomination week culminated, revealing female contestants as the major entertainers. Drama emerged with Sobhitha Shetty’s antics, Damini Bhatla’s nomination struggles, and Shakeela’s steady approach. Rathika, however, stole the show, offering sound reasons for her nominations.

Bigg Boss Telugu Day 3
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Day 3: Bigg Boss raised the stakes with a wrestling challenge, testing contestants’ physical prowess. Aata Sandeep and Priyanka Jain shined, progressing to the next level. The show’s camaraderie theme persisted, with contestants comforting each other. Highlighting this was Prashanth’s emotional moment post-defeat, with Priyanka and Tasty Teja lending him support.

Bigg Boss Telugu Day 4
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Day 4: A new task emerged where contestants had to woo Bigg Boss for immunity task eligibility. Sivaji’s anticipated entry delivered as he showcased his acting prowess, fooling housemates with a coffee tantrum. Amidst the chaos, Rathika continued to shine. Whispered house secrets hinted at more weekend drama.

Bigg Boss Telugu Day 5
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Day 5: Intrigue reached its peak with Shakeela and Sivaji’s clever prank, leaving the house doctor, Gautham Krishna, fooled. As Sivaji aimed for maximum screen time with stunts, Shakeela stepped up her game. The attention around Rathika intensified, culminating in a tense elimination decision, leaving the five-week immunity winner in suspense.

Day 6: Host Nagarjuna’s weekend review promised insight into the house’s dynamics. While housemates self-evaluated their performances, audience ratings often differed. A few missed discussion opportunities left viewers curious, and Rathika’s apparent favoritism sparked debate. The episode closed with Sandeep clinching the title of the first confirmed housemate.

Bigg Boss Telugu Day 7 Promo
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Day 7: Promo teasers hinted at more exciting dynamics and surprises. For a sneak peek, check the promos on our official channels.

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