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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Drama Heats Up with Family Week

Priyanka Jain’s Game Plan Advised in Bigg Boss House

Priyanka Jain's Game Plan Advised in Bigg Boss House
Image Credit: IG @priyankamjain___0207

The Bigg Boss house is no stranger to drama, and the Telugu edition’s season 7 has upped the ante with the latest evictions of Sandeep and Tasty Teja. However, it’s the emotional surge from the family week that’s got everyone talking. The show took a tender turn as contestants reunited with their loved ones, infusing the house with a dose of warmth.


Amidst the heartfelt reunions, the spotlight turned to Priyanka Jain, a household name from the television world, whose boyfriend Shiva made an entry that stirred the pot. He didn’t just bring love; he brought a message – it’s time for Priyanka to switch up her strategy. Shiva’s candid advice was clear: the group gameplay had to end, and distance from Amar and Shobha Shetty was crucial, given their perceived negative image outside.

Priyanka, who’s been a strong contender in the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu house and reportedly drawing a hefty paycheck for her participation, now faces a pivotal moment. With these insights from Shiva, viewers are keen to see how she navigates the game hereon.

Safe from elimination this week, Priyanka’s next moves are eagerly anticipated. Will she heed Shiva’s words and recalibrate her approach to the game? The audience is watching with bated breath as the beloved TV star treads the fine line between personal bonds and game strategy in the Bigg Boss house.

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