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Athidhi Web Series Review: A Promising Premise Falls Short on Delivery

Discovering the Haunting Secrets in Ravi’s Mansion

Athidhi Web Series Review

The OTT realm has once again been graced with a new series, Athidhi, and the buzz around Venu Thottempudi’s return continues to grow. With a cast that boasts talent and a director like Bharath Y.G. at its helm, Athidhi promises a thrilling experience. But does it deliver on that promise?

The Spine-Chilling Setup

Ravi Varma, portrayed by Venu Thottempudi, is a writer residing in a sprawling mansion with his paralyzed wife, Sandhya. Their mundane existence is disrupted one stormy night when a mysterious woman, Maaya, seeks refuge in their home. But there’s more to Maaya than meets the eye. Add to the mix a spooked YouTuber named Savari, who’s convinced that Maaya is a specter from the beyond. With a setup like this, Athidhi plunges viewers into a world of enigma and fear.

The Highs of Athidhi

The series wastes no time, diving headfirst into the plot. Venu Thottempudi, with his poised portrayal of Ravi Varma, is a testament to his undeniable talent. Athidhi’s Avanthika Mishra is equally commendable, delivering a powerful performance, accentuated with a societal message. The inclusion of Venkatesh Kakamanu, playing a petrified YouTuber, adds a hint of charm to the eerie setting. The background score, courtesy of Kapil Kumar, stays true to the series’ horror theme.

Where Athidhi Stumbles

Despite a promising start, Athidhi’s execution falters. What reads well on paper doesn’t always translate on-screen, and the series is a testament to that. Key twists are predictable, which robs the series of its potential edge-of-the-seat moments. The conclusion feels rushed, leaving viewers yearning for a more fitting end to the tale.

Final Thoughts

Athidhi has its moments of brilliance but falls short of being the horror masterpiece it set out to be. Although the performances are praiseworthy, the storytelling could have done with more finesse. All in all, Athidhi leaves you with a sense of what could have been.

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