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Atharvaa Murali Set for New Film DNA with Nelson’s Magic Touch!

DNA Unveiled: The Atharvaa-Nelson Duo Promises a Cinematic Feast!

DNA Film Atharvaa Murali
Image Credit: Instagram @atharvaamurali

It’s a new dawn in Kollywood! Atharvaa Murali, who rode the wave of success with Mathagam, is now lacing up his boots for another stellar journey. By his side? The genius Nelson Venkatesan, a mastermind whose films, from Oru Naal Koothu to Monster, have captured hearts.

Buzzing like the hottest news in town is the fresh revelation of their collaborative masterpiece – DNA. A movie that is already shining under Olympia Movies’ prestigious banner, the same powerhouse behind the sensation, Dada.

The DNA title teaser? It’s like the comet everyone’s waiting to witness, blazing a trail across social media skies! As the camera rolls today, the air thickens with anticipation. What kind of cinematic thrill is in store for us?


Nelson, the maestro, drops a tantalizing hint: “When you have someone like Atharvaa, with those mesmerizing eyes, you know you’re onto something special.” And, hold on to your popcorn, folks! Word has it that our beloved Atharvaa is undergoing a mind-blowing transformation for this film. Can’t wait!

But here’s the beauty of DNA. It’s not just a whirlwind of crime and action. It promises a delightful cocktail of emotions – a sprinkle of humor, a dash of drama, and melodies that linger. And the vibrant lanes of Chennai? They play more than just a backdrop. They pulse, they breathe, they’re a character on their own!

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