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Aranmanai 4’s Excitement Amplified: Tamannaah on Film Roles & Franchise Success

Tamannaah Dives into Toxic Masculinity Debate & Aranmanai 4’s Buzz

Tamannaah in Aranmanai 4
Image Credit: IG @tamannaahspeaks

Everyone’s talking about it – the ‘Aranmanai’ movie series is back with its fourth installment, and the anticipation is off the charts! But first, let’s chat about Tamannaah’s recent candid moments.

Tamannaah’s had her fair share of the spotlight in South Indian cinema. Recently, she dished out on a burning issue – the portrayal of ‘toxic masculinity’ in movies. Instead of playing coy, Tamannaah spilled the beans. She admitted there’s a temptation to reuse the same old winning formulas in films, and sometimes, they can get a tad too intense for her taste. So, she’s now making it a point to dodge roles that take ‘macho man’ themes to the extreme.



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Now, back to the spicy news everyone’s waiting for – the ‘Aranmanai’ series! Here’s a quick trip down memory lane:

  • Aranmanai (2014): Think haunted houses and family secrets. When Ravi’s family tries to cash in on their old palace, spooky things start to happen.
  • Aranmanai 2 (2016): More chills and thrills! Murali discovers some jaw-dropping family secrets after his dad falls into a mysterious coma.
  • Aranmanai 3 (2021): Jyothi’s ghost from the past comes knocking. Now she’s on a mission to figure out why this spirit won’t leave her family alone.
  • Aranmanai 4 (2023): This one’s still cooking, but the aroma’s irresistible! With a star-studded cast, including Tamannaah, Sundar C., and Raashii Khanna, it promises to be a blockbuster.

And guess what? The first teaser poster of ‘Aranmanai 4’ just dropped, sending fans into a frenzy. All this buzz happened just in time for producer Khushbu’s birthday. Sweet, right?

The film’s got some familiar faces, with Hiphop Tamizha back with the beats and Fenny Oliver working his editing magic. And here’s the best part – the movie’s hitting screens next Pongal. Mark your calendars!

To wrap it up, Tamannaah gave fans a little treat by sharing the fresh-out-the-oven poster of ‘Aranmanai 4’. Get ready, folks! This Pongal’s gonna be a cinematic feast!


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