Appatha review

“Appatha”: A Touching Tale of Love and Life

Who’s back on the big screen? It’s our beloved veteran actress Urvashi with her 700th film, “Appatha”. Director Priyadarshan has spun an emotional tale that premiered on Jio Cinema on July 29.

In the film, Urvashi plays a woman of strength, Appatha, who runs a small pickle shop in Kaayilanpatti. But her life takes a twist when she comes to Chennai. She’s supposed to look after her son’s pet, Zeus, while also dealing with her son’s harsh behavior. Performances by Siddharth Babu, Amit Bhargav, and the cute pet, Zeus, just make the movie more delightful.

Yes, there are some bits where the emotions might seem a little overdone, but Urvashi’s powerful acting sweeps it away. And let’s not forget the fantastic supporting cast who adds an extra layer of warmth to the film.


“Appatha” is a beautiful blend of love, emotions, and life, crafted skillfully by producers Jyothi Despande, Suresh Balaji, George Pius, and writer Hardik Gajjar.

So, folks, let’s enjoy “Appatha” on Jio Cinema. Be warned, there will be moments when you’ll need tissues.

Final Verdict: “Appatha” is a film you can’t afford to miss. It’s a heartwarming tale that will touch your soul. Don’t miss out!

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