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Amala Malayalam Movie Review: A Psychological Thriller That Engages

A Newbie Director’s Endeavor Into The Dark Corners of the Mind

Amala Malayalam Movie Review

Amala: Navigating the Mind’s Dark Alleys
Rating: A Decent Watch!
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes

Main Cast:
Anarkali Marikar, Srikanth, Appani Sharath, Rajisha Vijayan

Production Team:
Directed by Nishad Ebrahim
Produced by Muhsina Nishad Ebrahim
Music: Gopi Sundar

In the backdrop of the Tamil hit, Por Thozhil setting the stage, Amala, a Malayalam psychological thriller, offers a fresh narrative on serial killings. Anarkali Marikar and Appani Sharath lead the cast, revealing a dark tale of the past colliding with the present.

The picturesque locations of the high range and Kochi witness a series of murders. The plot delves deep into the mind of the serial killer, unfolding his traumatic childhood and the events that pushed him into the abyss of madness.

Plot Insights:
While the movie’s trailer already gives away the identity of the psychopath, watching the narrative unfurl offers its own set of thrills. Basil, an escaped convict, poses as a taxi driver and finds himself haunted by the memories of his childhood love, Amala, leading to a string of murders. The climax teases an unexpected twist and hints at a sequel.

Technical Aspects:
Debut director Nishad Ebrahim brings forth a commendable effort, keeping the audience intrigued. Gopi Sundar’s musical expertise adds a soulful dimension, further heightened by the visuals captured by Abhilash Shankar.

Performance Breakdown:

  • Appani Sharath shines as Basil, carrying the weight of his haunting past with finesse.
  • Anarkali Marikar, portraying Sherin, a mute and deaf character, delivers a standout performance, especially in the more intense sequences.
  • Srikanth dons the role of the sharp-witted police officer Akbar, with his confrontation scenes garnering applause.
  • Bitto Davis, as a cop, gives a satisfactory performance.

Amala does a stellar job in mapping Basil’s descent into darkness. However, the initial pacing lags for a thriller. Some performances in the early sequences and dialogues felt unconvincing. The background score occasionally missed the mark. Addressing these areas in the sequel could elevate the series to new heights.

Amala, with its intricate character sketches and gripping storyline, remains a commendable psychological thriller, even if it leaves room for improvement. Now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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