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Allegations of Abuse: Kiruba Munusamy’s Relationship with Vikraman Exposed

Delving Deep into a Relationship with Hidden Agendas

Allegations of Abuse: Kiruba Munusamy's Relationship with Vikraman Exposed

In a deeply personal revelation, Kiruba Munusamy, previously an advisor to Thol. Thirumavalavan, spoke about her tumultuous relationship with Vikraman, known for his Bigg Boss fame. Their relationship, which started upon her return from London in 2013, appeared to be the result of Vikraman’s persistent pursuit.

However, Munusamy’s narrative reveals a twisted turn where Vikraman reportedly feigned invitations to join the VCK, a political party led by Thol. Thirumavalavan. Instead, it appears he was scouting for unwavering backing for his political ascent. This realization allegedly culminated in a bitter parting for the couple.

Disturbingly, Munusamy recounts instances of emotional torment, gaslighting, manipulation, and financial malfeasance by Vikraman. She describes how her intellectual and financial resources were allegedly harnessed for his benefit, ranging from taking credit for her ideas to funding his luxury items like iPhones, Apple Watches, and even a car.

Adding salt to the wound, Munusamy found herself in another quagmire when she unearthed Vikraman’s clandestine relationship with another woman, purportedly his manager. Despite confrontations and assurances of mending his ways, Munusamy’s distress persisted until the complete revelation of the affair.

Responding to Munusamy’s charges, Vikraman countered her claims, suggesting she tweeted partial WhatsApp conversations and alleging that her accusations were retaliatory, stemming from his unwillingness to marry her. Further, he insinuated that her intentions were to jeopardize his political career. While Vikraman remains steadfast in his denial, stating that every story has two perspectives, official investigations continue, seeking to unearth the truth behind the dueling narratives.

This tale underscores the stark reminder that appearances can be deceptive, and even individuals in high standing can perpetrate harm while artfully veiling their true intentions.

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