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Actor Bala Faces Charges After Confronting YouTuber

Kochi Police Investigate Actor Bala Following Alleged Threats to YouTuber ‘Chekuthan’

Actor Bala Faces Charges After Confronting YouTuber

Kochi police have lodged a case against South Indian actor Bala, following allegations that he threatened YouTuber Aju Alex, also known as ‘Chekuthan’. The complaint was initiated by Alex himself.

According to the filed complaint, Bala, along with another individual named Santhosh Varkey (familiar to many as ‘Aarattu Annan’), reportedly forced entry into the YouTuber’s residence. Once inside, the duo is said to have made threats and caused a disturbance. Preliminary findings suggest the clash might have been ignited by a dispute between Bala and another YouTube personality, Shafi.

Upon receiving the alert, Kochi police were swift to gather pertinent evidence, subsequently registering an official complaint against the involved parties. The investigation is still ongoing, and no apprehensions have been reported.

Bala made his acting debut in Telugu cinema with “2 Much” in 2002 and transitioned to Tamil cinema in 2003 with “Anbu.” He earned accolades for his roles in various Malayalam movies, notably “Puthiya Mukham” in 2009. After a brief break, he re-entered Tamil cinema in 2014 with the acclaimed movie “Veeram” alongside Ajith Kumar, directed by his sibling, Siva. This recent controversy surrounding Bala has reignited concerns about the conduct of celebrities on platforms like YouTube. With digital influencers becoming increasingly susceptible to online harassment and power misuse, it’s vital for authorities to respond promptly and ensure justice.

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